Lion of the Year

John Jucius 1978 – 1979*
Paul Pushee 1996-1997*
Bill Utaski 1979-1980
Loren Condong 1997-1998
Bryon Tyriver 1980-1981
S.A. “Jimmie” Harris 1998-1999*
Phill Leable 1981-1982
Charles Pushee 1999-2000
Roy Bollinger 1982-1983
Louise Whiteside 2000-2001
Jim Kosonen 1983-1984
Sandy Bradbury 2001-2002
No Award Given 1984-1985
Arthur “Doc” Blanchard 2002-2003
Bill Taft 1985-1986
Jack Bradbury 2003-2004
Dr. Michael Damko 1986-1987
Dr. Louis Abboud PDG 2004-2005
Loren Congdon 1987-1988
Paul Pushee 2005-2006*
John Hilton 1988-1989
Hayden Evans 2006-2007
Bob Grabnik 1989-1990
Al Alexander 2007-2008
Guy Moon 1990-1991*
Debbie Coan 2008-2009
Ken Whitmore 1991-1992
Hayden Evans 2009-2010
Bill Blagg 1992-1993
Angela Terracciano 2010-2011
Terry Scherman 1993-1994
 No award given 2011-2012
Jack Whitmore 1994-1995
Sue Hastings 2012 – 2013
Dick Whiteside 1995-1996
Sam Coan 2013-2014
Barb Abboud 2014 – 2015
Terry R Scherman 2015 – 2016

To merit such an award, a Lion member should have been:

1. A member in good standing (i.e. his/her annual dues paid, attend at least 50% of the club yearly meetings) and have shown an outstanding and exemplary support to the president during his/her tenure in office as president.

2. The immediate past president shall select two (2) active and in good standing club members who were “Lions of the Year” recipients in past years, and are partaking in most of the club’s activities, to assist him/her in the selection of such a Lion.

3. Such an award could be awarded on a yearly basis.

4. A “Lion of the Year” plaque will: be ordered from Lions. Clubs International, engraved with the Lion’s name and in time to be presented at the following club’s Charter Night celebration.



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