Bingo Update

An update for our loyal Bingo friends.

All of your friends from the Winthrop Harbor Lions hope all is well with you and your families. Obviously, we are all experiencing new challenges everyday as we all deal with the effects of this horrific health situation. That being said the immediate outlook for resumption of Lions Bingo is not very promising. We have discussed the situation and come to the following conclusions:

Bingo will remain suspended until further notice. In all likelihood this would be the case for the rest of this calendar year. We WILL resume Bingo as soon as circumstances allow. We have reached this decision based on the following considerations.

1. Health concerns for our members (Bingo workers) and our customers.

2. Severe restrictions placed on the use of the Schlader Building. These       restrictions make it virtually impossible to use the facility from both a financial and logistical standpoint.

3. Financial feasibility due to crowd limitations. The current 50-person limit includes workers, as well as, players thereby reducing the numbers of participants significantly.

4. Obviously, if the health situation changes dramatically in the interim, that would accelerate the resumption of play.

We thank you for your past patronage and promise to reopen as soon as possible. If there are any questions, you may call the number listed on the Bingo game schedule. In addition, we can be contacted via our Facebook page. Stay well and be safe!

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