Bingo Wednesday Nights


The Schlader Building
2700 9th Street Winthrop Harbor

Every Wednesday 7 PM Bingo
Doors open at 4:30pm sales start at 5pm
6:40 Early Bird Games

Adults 18 years of age/older.

Easter Egg Hunt April 15th at 9AM.

Easter Egg Hunt

31st Annual Steak & Egg Breakfast March 26th

steakneggs 2017

Bingo Players

Don’t forget to Bring your plastic bags to donate for them to be made into beds for homeless Veterans!

Mats for Vets

Homeless Veterans Sleeping Mat

Here is our Winning Theme Float 2016 Zion Jubilee Day Parade

Thank You to everyone that helped!!!


Demonstration of the Canine Companions for Independence

Thank You all for coming out on Tuesday night!!!!!



What Is A Lions Club?


The Winthrop Harbor Lions Club is one of more than 46,000 active Lions Clubs serving their communities in 193 countries and geographical areas of the FREE WORLD. Although the youngest, Lions International is the world’s largest service organization and is the first one to be over a million strong. It’s members are dedicated to the goal of bettering the quality of life for the handicapped, the poor, the sick and the aged. The official motto is WE SERVE and the lions of the world annually sponsor over a half million projects and spend over $600 million for the betterment of their communities.

The Winthrop Harbor Lions Club is not a social or fraternal club; it is pledge by local civic minded men and women of all ages who are willing and anxious to give their time, energy and resources in service to their community. The genius of Lionism is that local clubs have complete autonomy in determining its area of service to its own community. Lions keep uppermost in their minds those who have not been blessed with good health and opportunity, and try to create an atmosphere where everyone will think and feel something about the other guy.

A Winthrop Harbor Lion is rewarded by the pleasure and satisfaction of serving others; by improving the community in which they live; and by endeavoring to leave the world a better place than they found it. Their reward is in direct proportion to the effort experienced. By investing time and effort in club activities, they receive leadership training, rewarding dividends in new friendships and networking with new contacts, new status in their community, and a new awareness of God’s many blessings, and a new heart-worming sense of usefulness and fulfillment because they are doing something good for others.


What Can Joining A Lions Club Do For You?


It enables you to be of service to your community, your state and nation, as well as your fellow man.
It develops your personality.
It makes new friends for you.
It makes you a leader.
It continues your education.
It offers relaxation.
It offers you good food, fun and fellowship.


For more information regarding Lions service or active participation through membership please contact one of the following members by calling: (847) 872-2970

Lions meet 7 pm the 4th Thur. of the month at

Stone Creek Grill
206 Sheridan Rd.
Winthrop Harbor, IL

Stop by and join us!




Michelle Fonk
Insurance Agency

1217 Sheridan Rd Ste C.
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096
Phone: (224) 789-7221

Chris Redic
1145 Sheridan Rd.
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096
Phone: (847) 872-5220
Fax: (847) 872-8144

Peter Brush
644 Sheridan Rd. Suite 102
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096
Phone: (847) 746-1153
Fax: (866) 462-8462


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